Acquired and processed entitlements on over 15,000 acres of land which consisted of several large Master-Planned Communities totaling over 20,000 single family dwelling units and over 2,000 multi-family units some of which were urban in-fill high rise condominiums.


Developed over 1,000,000 square feet of mid-rise and high-rise office buildings and master-planned over 2,000,000 square feet of R & D Facilities.


Master-planned over 1,000,000 square feet of Industrial and Business Parks.


Developed over 150,000 square feet of Speciality Retail and Restaurant space in several Mixed-Use Projects.


Located and put under contract over 9,000 acres of privately owned land for multiple solar and wind energy projects in Southern California.

Strategic Land Partners has an uncommon ability to discover, discern and create opportunity —and we tenaciously apply that ability every day. We live and breathe the land investment and development business, and have done so for decades.   As such, we have a superior understanding of the business and the "winds of change" that are reshaping it.

We constantly strive to out-think, out-research and out-know our bring a diversity of quantitative and qualitative skills to bear in our be global in our thinking...and with our extensive network of contacts and our ability to execute a customized strategy for each project in its unique locale, all resulting in value-added returns to our partners.

Strategically, we seek out hard-to-find opportunities that only the most discerning experts can identify.  These under the radar deals allow us to implement innovative and cutting edge best practices that promote more efficient, effective and sustainable land use which yields higher returns.  Investments typically involve the purchase of assets at a significant discount to replacement cost and/or the development to a higher use.

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